Welcome to Heartland Organic Farm!

The Vision

In the heart of the Garden Route National Park, Western Cape, South Africa Nestled in a hidden valley in the Municipality of Eden between the Outeniqua Mountains and the Indian Ocean is a Community development project with a mission. To reduce our carbon footprint in every way possible and live a happy and healthy lifestyle while doing so.

We believe the road to Self-Sufficiency is the same road that leads to Sustainability. First, at least, at a family and Community level. Everyone carries the responsibility to start on the journey along the road.

Like anything worth doing, this requires gaining the skills in a broad spectrum of endeavours, and, in this case,
as quickly as possible. And because of our experiences and networking in many fields we are now offering a variety of Workshops and Courses in Self-Sufficiency: Principles, Practices and Implementation covering a wide variety of subjects which are taught via a unique systematic method.

We invite you to join us on our project, get into the worldwide networks, have fun and gain valuable knowledge, practical skills and experience to start your own programme.

Be a working example of self-sufficiency, sustainability and minimal resource and energy use through sustainable zerowaste agricultural practices at a Family and Community level.
Share knowledge and research, providing a skills training centre to assist individuals, families and communities to move towards becoming self- sufficient.
Create responsible business opportunities which support our sustainability and that of our Communities.
Engage in Community outreach and bioregional programmes which support the Health and Wellness of our Families and our Communities.e a wor.